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Jessica Marie. 19. Theatre Major. "I always wondered if there was a purpose to the universe, if there was a plan, if there was some sort of organizing factor, hopefully that I played a role in."

i dont care how bad ass you think you are dont you ever fucking put someone down because of their tattoos. That shit is on their body forever. don’t make them regret something they loved enough to have permanently. if a white girl got jonas brothers lyrics on her body in the ugliest fucking font GOOD FOR HER for loving something enough to have it forever. Dont you fucking dare make her hate something, or feel stupid for having.  Go fuck yourselves. you aren’t any cooler because you have “cooler tattoos” take your original tattoos and shove them up your ass. 



niall is us 

don’t forget




Gordo keepin it real


group projects

Calling all tumblr friends! I desperately need your help! 

I need to turn my friends’ nude into a sketch of her as a mermaid for tattoo purposes 

If anyone knows an artist or is an artist please help me out

wow, dylan obrien’s really changed

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