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Jessica Marie. 19. Theatre Major. "I always wondered if there was a purpose to the universe, if there was a plan, if there was some sort of organizing factor, hopefully that I played a role in."


he’s completely serious


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Anonymous asked: I think you should forget about the boy, because a friend wouldn't have spread rumours and if your best friend really loves you she'll understand if you'll explain it to her. I don't know, that's just my opinion :)

Thank you, it’s just hard because i do have feelings for him- i just do not want to act on them. at all.  and he can’t seem to accept this. He just keeps saying either I love you or I hate you- there is no friendship when feelings are involved. I guess i do need to finally just cut him out. :/ I don’t have time for this drama. Thank you for your help .xx



When a guy says that he’s been friendzoned. What is most upsetting is that we thought that guy was our friend. So now, he loses all interest in being our friend. Because he feels cheated. We feel more cheated, though.

The truth it’s that they take rejection too personally. We don’t reject them…

Tonight my best friend uttered the words everyone else has been saying for months. “You’re leading him on.”

I thought she knew better. I told her how it went down. I was never anything but honest with him. I don’t want a relationship, i especially don’t want to be anyone’s first relationship. I get freaked out when i have to use titles. I’m selfish and too busy and relationships never end well for me. and i told him this. 

Why am I expected to change my behavior? Why does everyone get to call me a “slut” and tell me I’m “Leading him on.”

Why can’t he be in the wrong? I’ve told him I didn’t want to date anytime soon at least half a dozen times. The first time he yelled an spread rumors about me. The second time he pretended to be my friend and talked shit. I thought we had finally come to an agreement and then my best friend goes and tells him just what he wanted to hear. That he needs to make a move.

Why am I the one leading him on if he is the one who isn’t listening to what i say to him? 

I’m honestly feeling so trapped in this situation.I can’t escape. It doesn’t help that he lives on my floor.

somebody special


I never go into the conversation with an intention of being a flirt, but as the banter continues and your disinterest in me begins to show I feel a need to prove to myself that I am likable, that I can make this person before me take a second look and give a second thought.

It is assumed that…

honey, if you really think that I led you on, it’s time for you to grow a pair and realize that just because a girl replies to your texts doesnt mean she loves you.

I’m guilty as charged for leading you on
A lie that I know is easy to see
But it’s crucial to blot out any
Signs that I might have feelings
This way you don’t ask me how am I
This way you won’t force me to proceed
With actually having to tell you my worries
With actually having you give a damn about me"
Modern Baseball -Fine, great

This is my life in a song.

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Acting Theory


If you’re not an actor, you may find this to be a WTF post, but this was so fascinating to me:

Difference between Brecht, Stanislavsky, and Jerzy Grotowski (pardon my paraphrasing)…

Stanislavky: Disguise must be based on actor’s own emotional experience

Brecht: The disgusise must be separable from the actor’s own persona, and reflect social experience

Grotowski: Actor must use disguise of role to cut away the disguise imposed by socialization, expose most basic levels of psyche and self.